Inclusive Yoga

Hybrid Classes for Multi-Generational Folx

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Inclusive Yoga is individualized to focus on your unique body and goals.

This is your opportunity to integrate yoga within your lifestyle so you can build strength and confidence, at your own pace.

Each session is designed through a series of movements that lengthen, stretch and build the muscles in the body. Yoga can increase circulation to internal organs and glands, quiets the nervous system, and improves concentration.

Yoga is often considered “self-care” because of how it can bring vitality, health, and deep relaxation.

I want this for you because I believe in your potential and know how valuable yoga can be to supporting your wellness and healing journeys.

This is not your “love and light” yoga class.

I meet you where you are at so that you can move with the comfort of your own body, respecting your limitations, and giving you the space to explore your body.

Inclusive Yoga is more than just sun salutations and warrior pose. I want you to feel empowered within your body because that’s where your magic resides.

Inclusive Yoga is a part-yoga and part-meditation experience to help engage your mind-body connection with ease.

Inclusive Yoga is for anyone who wants to either get an introduction to yoga or recommit to their yoga practice.

Your sessions are done virtually on Zoom.
*Inclusive yoga is suitable for all ages and physical conditions.*

Select between a one-off yoga class or enroll in weekly yoga classes, one month at a time.

Enrollment Options:



Includes one 60-minute yoga class



Includes four weekly 60-minute yoga classes