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Lofty Heights Movement is a collective that connects with BIPOC/LGBTQAI+ artists and holistic practitioners with the tools, resources and community to thrive and live sustainably in NYC. 

We want to be a part of the holistic socio-economic justice in the Bronx by:

  • bringing accessible, affordable movement-based practices to help support and empower the community to live healthier. 
  • Share resources and tools to help artists and holistic practitioners thrive personally & professionally 
  • Create a physical safe space for all to practice in

When we get the support, funds and resources we need to thrive. We can bridge the gap of health and wellness not only in the Bronx but in New York City. 

Vision Statement:

Let’s bring out our potential to connect with our own internal wisdom, intuition, and ancestral lineage. We take a holistic approach to inclusive healing by centering intersectionality. We are here to support each person on the journey of self-discovery and uncover the tools within us to meet everyday challenges with ease and strength. 

Stayed to tuned to learn more about events and the artists and holistic practitioners we partner with.

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Flow Anywhere

Empowering Together, Fostering Connection: Elevating NYC’s Collective Consciousness Through Tools, Resources, and Transformative Events for the BIPOC/ LGBTQAI+ Community.

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