Work with Me

As a Bronx native, I’ve experienced and seen what the lack of resources does to communities.

I grew up thinking that my school and community couldn’t afford nice things. There is a mindset that we don’t deserve nice things so why care about it? It took me a while to understand historically how policy and building an image around not caring can play a role in creating a sustainable thriving community.

More than ever, I see the importance of bringing this practice to areas that are not easily accessible. Over the years I have observed how my student’s bodies changed. I heard stories of how breathing techniques help them in stressful situations while at work or how their bodies feel different and more flexible.

I want to continue listening to stories by helping others on their teaching journey.

In doing so I hope to inspire others to fulfill their own goals and continue to change the narrative that we should have the same access to these tools as anyone else.

With over 10+ years of experience teaching yoga to children and adults in New York City, I am committed to bringing more movement-based and wellness practices to communities by connecting with practitioners, school teachers or anyone who wants to bring the practice of yoga to their community in a relatable, inclusive way.

I build upon my knowledge in community building and therapeutic practices to help individuals find agency within themselves. I’m passionate about connecting with yoga and movement practitioners in their teaching, knowing how isolating and tiring it can be to a traveling teacher going from one program to another.

In order to avoid burnout, we need our communities to help support and lift us all so we can thrive together by empowering our neighbors to receive the tools to live more healthier, present lives.

Enroll in Private Coaching

Curious on how to teach yoga to kids and adults?

Do you have a quick question on lesson planning or how to become a yoga teacher?

Let’s connect to explore your curiosities on how to incorporate yogic philosophy into your everyday life and teachings. We can brainstorm a yoga curriculum for your class that brings meditation, and mindfulness in an inclusive way or organize how you want to integrate movement within your existing program.

Teaching the Teacher Program

This four-week program is geared to anyone who wants to deepen their teaching in the classroom or studio.

We will explore the foundations of yoga and how we can use this practice in designing your class in an inclusive, relatable way while honoring the yogic traditions. Each session is designed and based on your goals so you have the tools to feel empowered and build the confidence within yourself to teach in the studio/classroom.

What you’ll learn:

  • Adapt the foundations of yoga for adults and children
  • Adjust yoga poses accessible for all body types
  • Create engaging, cultural awareness lesson plans for any age group
  • Provide practice teaching sessions to gain confidence in your teaching style
  • Meditation practice
  • Peer support

If you are a caregiver, education or yoga teacher and you want to bring the practice of yoga to your work and community, this is for you.

Your Enrollment Includes:

  • 4 weekly Hybrid 60-minute sessions
  • 30-minute teaching practice + 30-minute Coaching
  • Weekly reflection practices
  • Accountability Check-in call after 4-week session 

Professional Development

LHM workshops and teacher trainings can be customized to meet the wellness needs of your employees, members, and organization. 

This bespoke experience provides your organization with the supportive tools and techniques needed to combat daily stresses and how to apply within their work in the community. Whether your staff is experiencing burnout, fatigue, or overwhelm – these inclusive trainings help foster community and an overall well-being environment for them to thrive.

Workshop and teacher trainings can: 

  • Introduce the concepts of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to youth in a reliable and accessible way
  • Teach staff on how to teach through the lens of trauma-informed and healing-centered so we can focus on the needs of community members of all ages in meeting them where they are in the moment.
  • Empower staff to use mindfulness, yoga and meditation in their daily lives to avoid burn out.

“How to avoid burnout,” “Yoga and mindfulness for the Youth,” “ How to be mindful in our everyday busy life” are a few workshops examples that can be provided to your staff.

This offering is available as a two-hour workshop or four weekly sessions for the staff or a full on teacher training. 

Community Rates are available for members of marginalized communities who are experiencing financial hardship and who identify  Individuals identifying as members of the BIPOC or LGBTQ+ , folx living with disabilities, undocumented folx, and anyone who has experienced or been impacted by systemic inequity or oppression.

If so, email me at  to tell more about yourself. I look forward to connecting with you and will reply within 24 – 48 hours.