As a Bronx native, I’ve experienced and seen the economic impact of having limited access to resources that support and empower communities to thrive. It’s been interesting to see local leadership prioritize other communities while leaving behind the areas that need attention the most.

I grew up thinking that my school and community were intentionally left out of opportunities. While I watched my community develop a scarcity mindset, believing they didn’t deserve what was considered luxuries, I questioned otherwise. It took me a while to fully understand how much of our collective struggle was by design. I learned how intentional policy making was to build a narrative that “we” didn’t care about our communities and in doing so, deprive us of the tools and resources needed to create a sustainable thriving community.

More than ever, I see the importance of bringing a holistic wellness practice to areas that are not easily accessible. Over the years I have observed how my student’s bodies changed. I heard stories of how breathing techniques help them in stressful situations while at work or how their bodies feel different and more flexible. I don’t just teach yoga. I also empower others to do the same by helping other practitioners on their teaching journey.  In doing so I hope to inspire others to fulfill their own goals and continue to change the narrative we should have the same access to these tools as anyone else. 

I’ve also developed programs to help guide individuals through their wellness journey. I have a signature method for engaging people into a steady yoga practice where they integrate movement with a holistic approach so they can sustain their routines and align with serenity so they are able to tackle the challenges of everyday life from a place of inner peace.

As an experienced practitioner with over 10 years of experience teaching yoga to children and adults in New York City, I bring a holistic approach to wellness. I support marginalized communities with movement-based and wellness practices and engage other practitioners, school teachers and community leaders who prioritize inclusivity within health and wellness.

Yoga can be therapeutic and I honor the healing process by empowering individuals to find agency within themselves through their practice. 

Burnout is something we don’t adequately address and I want to change that. Instead of waiting to feel overwhelmed, I want to create space for individuals to develop the tools that guide them through life challenges, whether that’s navigating the instability of this employment market to managing the consequences of unchecked capitalism and climate change.

We are all interdependent on each other and I strive to cultivate community with purpose so that we can all thrive together.

I provide individual programs, private classes, workshops, and bespoke services for organizations, corporations, and startups. 

I am also available for the following: 

Wellness Consultation