Restore Your Flow

Six-Week Program to Kickstart Your Yoga Practice


Do you feel a disconnect with your body?

Almost as if you don’t feel like you’re in control.

You’ve been curious about taking a yoga class but hesitate because you don’t feel like you have a “yoga body.”

Maybe you were too self-conscious to show up to class with skin tight clothes moving in ways you think your body won’t be able to do while feeling the gaze of all the young, bendy, and white able-bodied people because in the back of your mind you know what they’re thinking…why is “she” here?

Or maybe you’ve been stuck and want to come back from a wellness hiatus.

You took a few weeks off and that turned into a few months or a few years.

Now you’re trying to figure out how to move in this new body of yours that feels like it’s rebelling against exercise.

Whether you’re coming back from an injury-induced hiatus or you’re ready to tackle pandemic fatigue…let’s get you moving into an intentional yoga practice with ease.

Restore your Flow is a six week program exploring yoga poses that build and enhance the mind-body connection.

I take a hybrid approach with how I support you.

I call these inclusive yoga sessions because I personalize your movement class to align with your unique body.

Regardless of what your capabilities are, I help get you comfortable in your own skin so you can enjoy the benefits of a consistent yoga practice.

Because your mind is just as integral as your body, we focus on mindful meditation that resonates with where you are so that peace of mind is accessible to you at any time you wish to tap into it.

Each session is designed by meeting each student where they are at in the present moment to build confidence, strength and agency within themselves that go beyond the yoga workshop.

In an introductory call, we discuss your goals and needs for your practice so we can help create consistent practice.

You will learn how to move within your body and connect with your breath.

By creating a space of comfort and accessibility, you will be able to explore your body by going through the poses, at your own pace and allow the body to take its time to build muscle.

Throughout this program we will learn about yoga philosophy and the benefits to live an intentional, healthy lifestyle.


Your Enrollment Includes:

We will meet via Zoom for the next six weeks where I walk you through movement for your body.
Connect with yourself and integrate mindfulness so you can flow anywhere.
Stay connected with me via email and text, in between your inclusive yoga sessions.

Restore Your Flow is for anyone who wants to deepen their yoga practice, with or without prior yoga experience.

*Inclusive yoga is suitable for all ages and physical conditions.*

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out before you enroll in this program.

Enrollment Options: