Embody Your Healing

Integrated Private Coaching Program To Deepen Your Yoga Practice

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Wellness is a lifestyle, not a passing trend.

Quick fixes only go so far with your mind-body healing process.

You’re doing the thing. In theory, you “look” the part. You’ve got the cute yoga pants, quirky tops, those fun water bottles with the hours printed on them, and your yoga mat vibes with your aesthetics.

From a distance, you embody the look of “love and light” but you still don’t feel “healed.”

This is because you haven’t healed like you thought, and those cracks are starting to show.

Integrating a consistent yoga practice is a lifestyle and when harnessed to heal your emotional wounds, you can emerge as a reimagined version of YOU. 

How do you want to feel?
Where are you carrying your stress?

Take a minute to think about what your life could look like when you breakthrough the tension that you hold within different parts of your body.

Are you ready to let them go?

Embody your Healing is a three month private program that integrates Inclusive Yoga movement with meditation and coaching.

Program Outline

We will meet bi-weekly via Zoom and stay engaged via email and text on a weekly basis.

Session One: Personal Power

During this session, we will identify your WHY so you know what’s at the root of your power. This is where you start the awareness journey.

I will guide you through how to engage your body through breath and movement so you can FEEL your power with intention.

Session Two: Health + Habits

During this session, we will acknowledge the habits that hinder you from moving forward mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I will guide you through how to read your body cues so you notice the different sensations when you are moving and breathing, so you can FEEL your way through changing your habits.

Session Three: Permission to Breathe

During this session, we will recognize the value of rest so you have a better understanding for how stillness can energize your mind, body, and spirit.

I will guide you through embracing silence so you can not only give your body a chance to rest but also empower your body to recalibrate so you are energized with an inner peace.

Session Four: Honor Your Intuition

During this session, you will reintroduce yourself with yourself. They don’t call it a gut instinct for nothing. Your intuition resides in your sacral chakra so let’s say “hi” to it!

I will guide you through how to better trust yourself so you can hear what your body is often trying to tell you.

Session Five: Visioning

During this session, we will get honest about who you are and how you want to show up in the world. What do you want your future self to thank you for today? We’ll start there.

I will guide you through crafting a vision that not only resonates with your purpose but is also aligned with how you want to feel.

Session Six: Integration

During this session, we will review all of the work you’ve done over the past few weeks and bring it all together so you can continue to thrive on your own.

I will guide you through how to keep up with your yoga practice and stay consistent with all of the coaching work to empower your personal growth.

What to Expect:

1. After you enroll, I will send you an assessment form where I can get to know you better. You will also need to sign a waiver form.

2.In an introductory call, we discuss your goals and needs for your practice so we can help create consistent practice. I use this call to customize your program sessions and make sure our time together supports your goals.

3. Stay engaged with me throughout the next three months. Consider me your yoga bestie. Don’t be shy. Let me help you. 😘

Throughout this program we will learn about yoga philosophy and the benefits to live an intentional, healthy lifestyle.

Your Enrollment Includes…

We will meet via Zoom for the next three months where I walk you through movement for your body.
Connect with yourself and integrate mindfulness so you can flow anywhere.
Stay connected with me via email and text, in between your inclusive yoga sessions.

Embody Your Healing is for anyone who wants to create a consistent yoga practice to help deepen their wellness journey.

*Inclusive yoga is suitable for all ages and physical conditions.*

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out before you enroll in this program.

Enrollment Options: